NBS facilitates spacious, modern classrooms. The learning atmosphere is livened with brightly painted furniture and colourful display boards.

  • Rooms are decorated with children’s work, giving them a strong sense of ownership and pride.
  • Outside areas contain a wide range of child-friendly equipment and activities plus an extensive selection of natural flora and fauna.


Spacious, well ventilated and sporting the latest equipment, the composite science lab and Computer labs are already in place in the school. A modern multimedia system along with software on varied topics related to science further enhances the learning experience.


The library in our school houses a range of age-appropriate books starting from the Kindergarten level. It is also a unique repository of resource for our teachers, while audio and video CD’s covering a wide range of topics contribute greatly in further enriching and making learning an enjoyable experience.


We seek to provide a hygienic and clean environment for your child. As hygiene and convenience have a crucial importance, we ensure great standards in sanitation on campus. Everything, from drinking water to wash rooms, is designed in a way that enhances maximum usability and levels of hygiene.

Sports and Wellness

NBS is a great place to play, learn and grow! The playground is an extraordinary place to hone the children's sporting skills and make great friends. In every game the children play, the spirit of sportsmanship is inculcated in the children.